What are the benefits of road transport?

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When a company, a customer or a supplier needs to ship goods, the first thing they do is to search for the best shipping and transportation method. The selection of a serious, punctual and economical transport company is not easy. However, the final price of the shipment is greatly influenced by the type of transport used.

In Suárez y Loureda we have accumulated more than 25 years of experience in refrigerated and freight transport, so we know in detail the advantages of road transport. In today’s article we are going to talk about the benefits of this means of transport:

It is the most economical form of transport. Compared to air or sea transport, its cost is much lower.

Wide network coverage and speed. Currently, the national road network represents 10% of road transport within the European Union. In addition, it is the second country that moves the most tons (tn) in Europe, Africa and Asia. The national network allows transport to be not only accessible, but also fast and punctual.

It is a direct and uninterrupted transport. The flexibility and versatility mentioned below allows the goods to arrive directly from the customer to their final destination thanks to a direct service depending on the type of product.

Flexibility and greater freedom. Road transport is the preferred means of transport not only for logistics companies, but also for suppliers and users, as it allows the transport of a wide range of products of all kinds, regardless of weight and size.

Ideal transport for perishable goods. Food, seafood, meat and fish are easily transported by refrigerated trucks that arrive conveniently and quickly at the final destination.

Safety of the goods. Freight transportation is characterized by moving materials of all types from fragile materials, building materials, heavy vehicles such as cranes or trucks to dangerous goods or fresh or refrigerated foodstuffs. This versatility does not limit freedom of movement as the vehicle used, in this case the truck, can be adapted to ensure optimum safety and security conditions.

Easy paperwork. Compared to sea or air transport, the paperwork involved in road transport is much simpler. The time spent at customs or on delivery of the goods is much less, streamlining the business supply chain.

Location, tracking and traceability. This point is especially related to the previous one, the security increases thanks to the recent incorporation of geolocation systems (GPS) which allows to know at all times where the goods are and anticipate problems such as excessive traffic, road closures, or weather conditions that prevent or hinder the trip.

If you have any doubt, in Transportes Suárez y Loureda we will offer you transport services of refrigerated and palletized goods in a safe and profitable way adapted to your needs. Contact us for more information!

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