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Quality guarantee in transport

The control of the merchandise is carried out with the implementation of the latest technology. The GPS Global Positioning System allows to know the parameters of the refrigeration equipment, among other things.

We know how important it is for you to be informed of the delivery of your merchandise at destination, which is why our team of professionals will inform you at all times if requested.

Because we know the importance of transport in your business, more than 25 years support us, being our clients who give us our best guarantee and quality seal.

Camión de Suarez y Loureda Transportes

Commitment and guarantee of Suarez and Loureda

  • Advice and personalized treatment.
  • Supervision of our traffic managers through direct contact with the drivers and state-of-the-art telematic supervision
    • Temperature control and alarm by GPS
    • Vehicle positioning by GPS
  • Commitment to protect the environment.
    • Equipped with EURO 6 engines with low consumption and low environmental and noise pollution.
    • Our semi-trailers are ECO refrigerated, without argon gas.
  • Merchandise insurance of €180,000
  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate
  • Sandach Certificate
    • Cat1
    • Cat2
    • Cat3
  • Urgent deliveries with two drivers. 24-hour service, 365 days a year.

At Transportes Suárez y Loureda, we assume all economic responsibilities subject to the Land Transport Organisation Act (LOTT). Integral logistics and customised project management.

Cargo groupage
Palé de paquetes de Suarez y Loureda
Full Truck Load
Transporte express de Suarez y Loureda
Express Transport
Almacenamiento frigorífico Suarez y Loureda

Our commitment is to guarantee the quality of the transport of your merchandise, whatever type it may be.

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